Worship Leaders

During our pastoral vacancy, we are fortunate to have many lay leaders who are are able lead worship on Sundays when we don’t have a pastor leading. These “liturgists” are young, old, of varying gender identities, shapes and sizes — all are faithful servant leaders in worship.

Worship Assistants

Our liturgists also serve as assistant leaders when we have a pastor at worship.

Additional duties in worship taken on by members and friends of Ascension include:

  • Lectors. People who read scripture lessons aloud in worship.
  • Hymnists. People who choose hymns prior to the worship service.
  • Ushers. People who assist with the practical aspects of worship such as distributing hymnbooks, guiding movement for communion, receiving offerings.
  • Altar Guild. This is a team of members who care for the altar furnishings including communion ware and banners. They change the altar ‘paraments’ (coloured cloths) and banners with the changing colours of the Church Year.

During Covid-19, our worship services have gone online. Our many worship leaders continue to serve as readers, lectors, worship leaders. See the YouTube link at bottom of the page to access our channel with video worship services.

Worship & Music Committee

This committee is the coordinating group for worship activities at Ascension.

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