Rosemont Community Kitchen

"Sharing Bread - A Community Together!" certificate program!

replaces Weekly Community Meal during Covid-19

UPDATE February 15: Ascension's Community Kitchen has been delighted to distribute 325 Certificates to people in Nelson! Restaurants received their final certificates on Feb. 15 and the PROGRAM has OFFICIALLY ENDED. We appreciate the participation and enthusiasm of so many!

Covid-19 has brought with it both disappointments and opportunities. We are genuinely disappointed that we are unable to offer the expanded Community WEEKLY Meal Program, for which we had received grants.

In place of our weekly meal program, Rosemont Community Kitchen is so pleased to be able to offer, "Sharing Bread - A Community Together!"

For those who struggle with food security "Sharing Bread!" offers a gift certificate to a selection of local restaurants. The certificate may be used toward purchasing a meal. This is a limited term project with some qualifiers for participation.

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