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Youth Cooking Classes!


During these new times, we transitioned to an ONLINE model, and it is proving to be a success!

Our 90-minute in person virtual classes include 1–2 recipes that the children prepare as part of their family dinner. (Ingredient list provided a week before the class.)

The children follow along with the instructor, practicing their skills, asking questions and showcasing their finished product for everyone to see. Families then get to enjoy their children's cooking at dinner!

At present we have suspended the cooking classes. We hope to reinstate this fun program or replace it with something just as fun. Thanks to all the families that participated and made it a great program.

Diverse youth between the ages of 9–11 join together ONLINE during the pandemic to practice cooking, build confidence and community in a weekly after school Zoom class.

What Happens in Class?

Together, children build essential kitchen skills using tasty and wholesome recipes and healthy, nourishing ingredients.

Every class, their creations are ready to share and enjoy with their family.

At the end of the series the children cook, host and serve a final meal for their families in our community dining room. This program has been very well received by the youth, parents and community members.

How Many Classes?

Each series includes 6 weekly classes. Recipe items such as vegetarian chili, lasagna, veggie mac and cheese, rhubarb muffins and healthy chocolate cake.

What Does It Cost?

Online classes are offered at no charge. Donations support our program.

E-transfers may be sent to:

Want to Participate?

We are currently looking for a new coordinator for this program.

If your child would like to take part in a class, please type in your email address and click on the green button to join our mailing list and receive information about our upcoming series.

Other classes and age offerings are being considered for future programming.

We look forward to cooking with you!

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