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Being Lutheran

Mission Statement

Ascension Lutheran Church is a community of Christians empowered by the grace of God through Word and sacrament to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God.

-adopted March 28, 2004

Vision Statements

1. We want to be a church in concord, united and strong, and not fragmented in our efforts.

2. We want to be a church for others, sharing our identity with integrity.

3. We want to be a church that works with other groups and agencies to accomplish our mission.

4. A hospitable church, we want to draw others into friendship with Jesus Christ and one another.

-adopted January 15, 2005

Pastor Kelly Fryer, in her book Reclaiming the ‘L’ Word, expresses our essential beliefs well through five simple guiding principles:

  1. Jesus is Lord
  2. Everyone is welcome
  3. Love changes people
  4. Everybody has something to offer
  5. The world needs what we have

These beliefs and values guide us in how we approach things, how we

relate to each other, and how we make people feel welcome within our congregation.

Ascension Lutheran is a united congregation of people. We work together in a spirit of harmony, generosity and gratitude. As an active member of the ELCIC, we join with Lutheran Christians across BC and Canada in the work of our church in all parts of Canada and around the world.

What do ELCIC Lutheran Christians believe?

First and foremost, we believe that God loves you no matter what! No age, expression, ability, status, identity, orientation, diagnoses, transition, behaviour, sentence, or other lived experience affects how, how much, or whether God loves you.

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